Outsunny 6' x 4' x 6.5' Polycarbonate Greenhouse, Heavy Duty Outdoor Aluminum Walk-in Green House Kit with Rain Gutter, Vent and Door for Backyard Garden, Dark Green



About this item

  • Heavy Duty Greenhouse for Outside: Keeping a greenhouse outside can help you keep your shovel in the soil year-round. Whether you want to nurse seedlings or grow tropical plants, our polycarbonate greenhouse kit offers plants protection from cold, wind, rain, and wild animals.
  • Polycarbonate Greenhouse: Elevating humidity with superior insulation, transparent polycarbonate panels make our greenhouse ready for outside conditions. They allow in nourishing sunlight while still blocking scorching UV.
  • Rooftop Vent: Let excess heat and humidity escape slowly outside so you can reach peak grow conditions. Keep control of the air inside by making use of the hinged vent found on the top of your backyard greenhouse.
  • Sliding Door: A sliding door gives you room to walk planters, tools, and other equipment into your outdoor greenhouse with ease. Open it to vent away old air, or seal it swiftly to maintain a heavy-duty outside barrier.
  • Heavy Duty Against Water: Powder-coated aluminum gives our outside greenhouse a water-safe build that’s easier to assemble. A galvanized steel base reinforces the structure for more strength overall. Rain gutters aid in collecting natural rainwater. Note: We recommend placing it against a wall and out of the wind.