Giraffe Creation Plant Pots 12/10/9 inch Set of 3, Flower Pots Outdoor Indoor, Planters with Drainage Hole, Speckled Black



About this item

  • VERSATILE 3-POT SET IN VARIOUS SIZES – Includes large (12″D*9.3″H), medium (10″D*7.8″H), and small (9″D*7.3″H) pots to accommodate various plant sizes, such as orchids, cacti, herbs, mosses, or artificial plants (plants NOT included). These versatile sizes make it ideal for repotting your favorite plants.
  • INTEGRATED DRAINAGE SYSTEM – Features drainage holes for excess water and removable trays to capture overflow, preventing overwatering and flooding. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL – Made from thick, sturdy, and environmentally friendly polypropylene, these pots are lightweight, durable, and odor-free, maintaining a clean ceramic-like appearance without deformation or breakage.
  • AESTHETICALLY PLEASING CONTEMPORARY MINIMALIST DESIGN – Stylish, modern design complements any home or office decor, providing an attractive visual display for your plants. These pots enhance the appearance of your plants, making them look even more beautiful.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT – Capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and harsh conditions, these plant pots are free from frost, crack, and peel damage, ensuring long-lasting use. Their durability and aesthetic appeal make them great for gifting to plant lovers.