Fissfire 35 Inch Fire Pit Sphere, Outdoor Wood Burning Flaming Ball FirePit with Pivot Spark Screen, Backyard Patio Camping Beach Bonfire Pit



About this item

  • Large & Efficient: 35 Inch (the maximum size it will be when opened) Global ball fire pit for outside, sleek and modern mesh styling creates a super-efficient burn using strategically, holds up to 15 lbs firewood, continuously offers roaring fire lit up your bonfire party.
  • Easy & Safe to use: Spark screen with easy-to-grip handle allows for easy control fire, protects yourself from any stray embers or debrisand and makes your bonfire party a lot safer. Features steel handles on each side for extra portability.
  • Solid & Stable: Made with solid steel material, this heavy duty fire pit will not be deformed. Four strong legs to ensure impeccable stability.
  • Durable & Easy Cleaning: Coated with High Heat-Resistant finish, use for durability. The ash fire bowl tray has handles so you can easily lift and remove ashes from the fire pit.
  • Installation & Accessories: 2 adults finish assembly in 30 mins with instruction, contain fire poker. Customer support available for any questions or problems.

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4.8  4.8
Heat output
4.7  4.7
Heat resistance
4.7  4.7
4.1  4.